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I have a desktop with CS3 extended installed.  It was a second-hand system, so I have next to no information on what programs it has. Could I take the hard drive out of the desktop and hook it up to my laptop, and run the programs from the laptop?You

I have a desktop with CS3 extended installed.  It was a second-hand system, so I have next to no information on what programs it has.
Could I take the hard drive out of the desktop and hook it up to my laptop, and run the programs from the laptop?

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You may have several problems. Was the CS3 extended licence transferred to you when you received the second hand system?  When you attach the drive to your laptop will you be able to boot from it?  When Photoshop is installed on a system many system settings are added for Photoshop without these setting in place Photoshop will not be able to run.  If all you can do is access the attached drive on your laptop. You will be able to access the Photoshop installed on the drive but it will not run.  If you can boot the disk because it will be running on different hardware then the OS was installed on it may or may not be able to reconfigures itself to run on your Laptop.  Laptops often need special drivers to support its hardware.  Standard OS drivers may not work with your laptop's hardware.

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