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CS5 printing into area around image

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Hi, my setup is Intel OSX 10.6 CS5 64bit Epson printer. After profiling the paper I'm using the prints are having very light layer of ink going down into the printable area around the image even though the image has ended. The only way around this at

Hi, my setup is Intel OSX 10.6 CS5 64bit Epson printer. After profiling the paper I'm using the prints are having very light layer of ink going down into the printable area around the image even though the image has ended. The only way around this at present is to extend the canvas to beyond the printable area of the paper, which is not always ideal.
Has anyone come across this or have any clues as to what is happening?

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Search the forums for previous discussions.
It could be an Epson driver bug (get an update), or a MacOS bug with ICC version4 profiles (Apple is working on it).

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