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Currency Conversion is not happenig in webform

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Hi, I have created three more members in period dimension along with BegBalance and YearTotal. My period hierarchy looks like this. Period BegBalance YearTotal Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2008 Actual thru Sept (Formula: = Actual->Q1 + Actual->Q2 + Actual->Q3;) E

I have created three more members in period dimension along with BegBalance and YearTotal.
My period hierarchy looks like this.
2008 Actual thru Sept (Formula: = Actual->Q1 + Actual->Q2 + Actual->Q3;)
Estimated Oct-Dec 2008 (Formula: = Budget->Q4;)
Estimated Total Cost 2008 (Formula: = "2008 Actual thru Sept" + "Estimated Oct-Dec 2008 ";)
First tell me can we craete more mebers like this in Perion dimension?
I have created the above members and tagged a formula to it as shown in braces.
Now my problem is data is coming for local currency only. When i change my currency, YearTotal members are converting but these newly added members are not converting and showing blank fileds.
My doubt is can we add extra members like above in period dimension?
Whether currency conversion happens to formula tagged members also?
If yes, what could be the problem in my scenario?

The replay answer
I suspect that your currency conversion business rule is excluding these new members. It was probably created before the new members were added. (I don't have a standard FX conversion rule in front of me, but I think it fixes on specific time periods - I could be wrong. ) You can either:
1) Make sure your new Period members are in fact included in the currency conversion business rule and re-run that script.
2) Make your new time period members dynamic. (and not have to worry about currency conversion and what calc's first (your new members vs. the FX conversion))
I would try #2 first, as it's a quick fix. Just switch the data storage, refresh the cube, and re-test.
I assume you have Period and Accounts as Dense, with the remainder of your dimensions Sparse. Is this correct?
Let me know how it goes.
Hope this helps,
- Jake

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Hi, I have created three more members in period dimension along with BegBalance and YearTotal. My period hierarchy looks like this. Period BegBalance YearTotal Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2008 Actual thru Sept (Formula: = Actual->Q1 + Actual->Q2 + Actual->Q3;) E[More]

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