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Data Missing in InfoObject

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Hello Everyone, I extracted text data from an r/3 DataSource into BW. In the InfoPackage, under processing i chose 'Only PSA'. Update Subsequently in Data Targets. Ignore Double data records. The schedule was successful. I can see the data in PSA. Bu

Hello Everyone,
I extracted text data from an r/3 DataSource into BW. In the InfoPackage, under processing i chose
'Only PSA'. Update Subsequently in Data Targets.
Ignore Double data records.
The schedule was successful. I can see the data in PSA. But, in the InfoObject i cannot see even a single record.
It displays 'EN' in language column and 'Created By' in description column.
Could someone help.

The replay answer
Hi SSree,
Thanks for the reply. I tried all options. Now, it is acting strange.  Let me expain clearly. The table name is TPART. The key fields are PARVW and SPRAS. There are 10 values in PARVW. There are 500 records. when extracted in RSA3, i get all records. But,not all records are coming into BW.
I checked Transfer structure to to see, if there are any transfer rules written. But, i don't find any. I don't understand why can't i see all records in BW. Before i was getting all records in R/3 into BW. I don't rem. making any changes to it.
The records of a value in PARVW (X - 50 records) are not appearing in PSA. Also, in DataStr/Transfer Rules tab in BW, i see both SPRAS and PARVW are selected. But, in Infopackage selection, only PARVW appears. I donno if this makes any difference.
Case 1 - In processing tab, when i choose 'only PSA' and 'ignore duplicate records', 450 records go into PSA. they are successful. when i update them into IO manually, i don't see any values in IO. As i said in my earlier post,
In IO: (since EN is default in selection screen)
IO Lang Desc.
   EN created by
Case 2 - In Processing tab, when i choose even 'Update Targets subseq.' option along with other 2 options, i get 20 errors in PSA (2 records for each value of PARVW have some junk char. Though these junk char. appear in Case 1 i do not get any errors in that case).
Could someone help.

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