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Date Formating

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Hi , I have a date in this format Apr 11,2002 . I would like to convert it to 4/11/02 and vice versa. Can anyone give a hand on this. thanksuse java.text.SimpleDateFormat See api doc for details. Use format() and parse() method to convert date. Examp

Hi ,
I have a date in this format Apr 11,2002 . I would like to convert it to 4/11/02 and vice versa.
Can anyone give a hand on this.

The replay answer
use java.text.SimpleDateFormat
See api doc for details. Use format() and parse() method to convert date.
Examples of patterns and results from API doc:
Date and Time Pattern  Result 
"yyyy.MM.dd G 'at' HH:mm:ss z"           2001.07.04 AD at 12:08:56 PDT 
"EEE, MMM d, ''yy"                              Wed, Jul 4, '01 
"h:mm a"                                             12:08 PM 
"hh 'o''clock' a, zzzz"                            12 o'clock PM, Pacific Daylight Time 
"K:mm a, z"                                         0:08 PM, PDT 
"yyyyy.MMMMM.dd GGG hh:mm aaa"  02001.July.04 AD 12:08 PM 
"EEE, d MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss Z"         Wed, 4 Jul 2001 12:08:56 -0700 
"yyMMddHHmmssZ"                            010704120856-0700 

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