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Default Setting for Unsharp Mask (Threshold) ???

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Hello again... Was attempting to clean up a photo enlargement last nite utilizing 'Unsharp Mask'...inadvertantly changed the 'Threshold' setting in the dialog window...& failed to notice what this setting was previously engaged at. [this happens to m

Hello again...
Was attempting to clean up a photo enlargement last nite utilizing 'Unsharp Mask'...inadvertantly changed the 'Threshold' setting in the dialog window...& failed to notice what this setting was previously engaged at.
[this happens to me every so often, aamof.]
so...I'm using Photoshop CS3. What is the default number for this setting ???
(or...perhaps more does one return *all* such dialog settings in Photoshop back to factory default ???)
Thanks very much,
Mark Forman

The replay answer
The settings should be experimental/interactive:
1) Set Threshold=0
2) Set Amount=200% or even more
3) Increase Pixels from 0.5 until halos are clearly visible
at edges
4) Decrease Amount until the halos are just not disturbing
5) Increase Threshold until smooth areas are not affected,
but sharper edges are still enhanced
For typical digital images with 3000x2000 pixels:
Amount=100% Pixels=1 Threshold=8
So far my interpretation of the recipes in Dan Margulis'
Professional Photoshop. This might be helpful as well:
The same, short:
Best regards --Gernot Hoffmann

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Default Setting for Unsharp Mask (Threshold) ???

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