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Default values in EO's and DB

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Hi all, in my DB (Oracle 9i Rel.2) I can define default values. In an INSERT statement I can use the keyword 'default' to add the default value for this field. When I create my EOs, the default value is completely ignored. Of course I can modify my E

Hi all,
in my DB (Oracle 9i Rel.2) I can define default values. In an INSERT statement I can use the keyword 'default' to add the default value for this field. When I create my EOs, the default value is completely ignored. Of course I can modify my EO's to have that default value. But it would be nice if the EO's would contain a keyword like 'default' to set the DB's default value. If there are any changes for the default value in the DB my EO's wouldn't need any changes. Is this possible? How?

The replay answer
Thanks for responding..... However, it didn't work for me. I guess I'll stick to setting the value in the create method of the viewRowImpl. Just FYI.... what is working for me now is to check to see if the getCol() is null or length of zero and set the default date that way.
By the way... do you have an exampe of a class file for creating a MessageList Data Object?
Thanks again!

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