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Detecting a mouse click on any (all) child components...

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Hey All, I am writing a number of compound GUI elements that i want to make focusable when you click any part of them. (i.e. a JTextArea inside a JScrollPane, coupled to a JTextField to provide input to the JTextArea). Is there an easy way to detect

Hey All,
I am writing a number of compound GUI elements that i want to make focusable when you click any part of them. (i.e. a JTextArea inside a JScrollPane, coupled to a JTextField to provide input to the JTextArea).
Is there an easy way to detect mouse clicks on child components of a JPanel?
My current code is:
This detects most of the mouse clicks, but not those on the buttons that form the scroll bar ends or the scroll bar slider when it is present.
Any way tou can detect clicks on these too??

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P.S. It does actually detect clicks on the scroll bar slider - just not onthe buttons that form the slider end caps (up/down).

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Detecting a mouse click on any (all) child components...

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Hey All, I am writing a number of compound GUI elements that i want to make focusable when you click any part of them. (i.e. a JTextArea inside a JScrollPane, coupled to a JTextField to provide input to the JTextArea). Is there an easy way to detect[More]

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