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Display rubbers are not fixed anymore

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Hey people! I have question concerning my macbook pro 15'' from mid 2009 running 10.8.2. Since one week i had the idea my display wasn't closing good anymore. So i took the time to do a closer inspection to find the display rubbers behind the screen

Hey people!
I have question concerning my macbook pro 15'' from mid 2009 running 10.8.2.
Since one week i had the idea my display wasn't closing good anymore.
So i took the time to do a closer inspection to find the display rubbers behind the screen have come loose.
as shown in the following pictures :
i haven't buyed applecare service.
so my question, what can i do?
just to add: i haven't dropt or done anything stupid with it. it's been the most careful product in my room.

The replay answer
Your mid 2009 would be out of any warranty even if you had bought AppleCare when you could. At this point it is what it is.

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Display rubbers are not fixed anymore

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Hey people! I have question concerning my macbook pro 15'' from mid 2009 running 10.8.2. Since one week i had the idea my display wasn't closing good anymore. So i took the time to do a closer inspection to find the display rubbers behind the screen[More]

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