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DMS: How and where to define the organization structure in document info record (DIR) which will help restrict the two different users of two different plants to access the dir. for eg. Compant code(1000) plant - 1100 plant - 1200 plant - 1300...and

DMS: How and where to define the organization structure in document info record (DIR) which will help restrict the two different users of two different plants to access the dir.
for eg.
Compant code(1000)
plant - 1100
plant - 1200
plant - 1300...and so on
in the comments or the discussion thread when a user puts his comments it becomes masked. and if there are n no of people putting the comments.. how can i gather all the comments in a single sheet in DOC or TXT format.
if there any standard avaliable to convert these comments in to the single file.

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Hi Niranjan,
generally it should be possible to link a document info record to cFolders.
Therefore you have to maintain the necessary object in customizing and define it for specific document types.
Plesae see the entry in the WIKI on how to maintain the necessary settings for object link behavior under the following link:
Further you have to do some customizing for cFolder too. You will find all necessary information on this settings also in the SAP Online Documentation under
Best regards,

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DMS: How and where to define the organization structure in document info record (DIR) which will help restrict the two different users of two different plants to access the dir. for eg. Compant code(1000) plant - 1100 plant - 1200 plant - 1300...and[More]


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