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Drawing objects in Flash

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Help When I draw to the stage using the line tool or pencil tool, I am unable to fill the item with a solid color or gradient color. You must be able to do it as most tutorials say "draw the object using the line tool and fill it using the paint buck

When I draw to the stage using the line tool or pencil tool,
I am unable to fill the item with a solid color or gradient color.
You must be able to do it as most tutorials say "draw the object
using the line tool and fill it using the paint bucket"
What am I doing wrong??????
Brian M

The replay answer
Hi...You should tuch every line...then you can do..

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Drawing objects in Flash

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Help When I draw to the stage using the line tool or pencil tool, I am unable to fill the item with a solid color or gradient color. You must be able to do it as most tutorials say "draw the object using the line tool and fill it using the paint buck[More]

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Drawing object looses roundness when enlarged.

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Copy Multi-Layered Drawing-Object and keep the same Layers

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Good evening We often have to clone a Drawing-Object and the clone should use the same Layers. We expected that we can just select the Objects on the related Layers, Drag and keep a key (e.g. Ctrl) and Drop the copy An example: The original Object ha[More]

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ActionListener&MouseListener add to Drawing Object in JApplet

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I just upgraded to CP 5. Need help with drawing objects.

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I am trying to put a simple drawing object around a word.  Like a square.  I can't figure out how to not have any fill, just the outline of the box.  Any suggestions?  I was able to do this in CP 4.Hi there Personally, I'd use a Highlight Box to acco[More]

Creating 3ds max 3D objects for Flash?

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Hi team, Is there a way to utilise 3D objects in Flash for users to manipulate?  I can see how I can export an image sequence and fake it but is there any way that Flash can acutally use the 3D object? i would really like to make a 3D interactive obj[More]

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