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Drawing objects in Flash

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Help When I draw to the stage using the line tool or pencil tool, I am unable to fill the item with a solid color or gradient color. You must be able to do it as most tutorials say "draw the object using the line tool and fill it using the paint buck

When I draw to the stage using the line tool or pencil tool,
I am unable to fill the item with a solid color or gradient color.
You must be able to do it as most tutorials say "draw the object
using the line tool and fill it using the paint bucket"
What am I doing wrong??????
Brian M

The replay answer
Hi...You should tuch every line...then you can do..

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Drawing objects in Flash

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Help When I draw to the stage using the line tool or pencil tool, I am unable to fill the item with a solid color or gradient color. You must be able to do it as most tutorials say "draw the object using the line tool and fill it using the paint buck[More]

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Creating 3ds max 3D objects for Flash?

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