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Embedding video in PDF

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I am trying to embed video in PDFs. Specifically, we are trying to embed Quicktime videos we have exported from Keynote (animated presentations exported uncompressed, then compressed with Compressor). I am having two issues: 1) I can't get Acrobat 7.

I am trying to embed video in PDFs. Specifically, we are trying to embed Quicktime videos we have exported from Keynote (animated presentations exported uncompressed, then compressed with Compressor).
I am having two issues: 1) I can't get Acrobat 7.0 Pro to run on my MBP (I have heard there is a patch due out in January for Acrobat on Leopard which may solve this issue). 2) When we try to embed the Quicktime videos on Acrobat on a PC, it forces us to convert the video to a PC format (avi, wmp, etc.).
Isn't there a way to embed Quicktime movies into Acrobat? Do we just have to wait until Acrobat runs on Leopard?
Finally, is there a way to make these PDFs (with their embedded Quicktime video) 'pack and go' so the end users (mostly on PCs) can view them without downloading patches or plugins?

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I am trying to embed video in PDFs. Specifically, we are trying to embed Quicktime videos we have exported from Keynote (animated presentations exported uncompressed, then compressed with Compressor). I am having two issues: 1) I can't get Acrobat 7.[More]

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