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Enhancing Function Module Extractor

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Is it possible to enhance an extract structure which is using a function module as an extractor. Basically I want to extract some more fields which the function module is not extracting. Can someone let me know how to do this. Best Regards, James.hi

Is it possible to enhance an extract structure which is using a function module as an extractor.
Basically I want to extract some more fields which the function module is not extracting. Can someone let me know how to do this.
Best Regards,

The replay answer
hi James,
is it generic extractor or business content ?
if generic extractor, since it's our own, you can add field(s) in extract structure and add code in the function module to populate these fields.
go to transaction RSO2, and you will see the extract structure, use SE11 to 'change' the structure and activate. then add code in function module, use SE37.
if business content, RSA6, choose your datasource and double click the extract structure and click 'append structure', add field(s) with prefix ZZ. activate the structure.
and populate the field(s) via user exit ZXRSAU01 (for transaction data).
hope this helps.

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