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Error: If statement in RTF template in BI Buplisher

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All, Can some help me to solve the below issue. Please find the code below one which is extracted from the water mark block in RTF template. <?if:(sum(//g_data[fiscal_period=/asset/p_fiscal_period]/q2_op_plan_ytd))>0?><?( sum(//g_data[fiscal_p

Can some help me to solve the below issue. Please find the code below one which is extracted from the water mark block in RTF template.
<?if:(sum(//g_data[fiscal_period=/asset/p_fiscal_period]/q2_op_plan_ytd))>0?><?( sum(//g_data[fiscal_period=/asset/p_fiscal_period and q1_task_top="Opex"]/q1_cost_plan_ytd) ) div
*(sum(//g_data[fiscal_period=/asset/p_fiscal_period]/q2_op_plan_ytd) ) ?><?end if?>*
I wanted to apply if condition to the code after the " div " as if I get any value for q2_op_plan_ytd as zero the it should replace with 1.
Please help me on this

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Error: If statement in RTF template in BI Buplisher

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All, Can some help me to solve the below issue. Please find the code below one which is extracted from the water mark block in RTF template. <?if:(sum(//g_data[fiscal_period=/asset/p_fiscal_period]/q2_op_plan_ytd))>0?><?( sum(//g_data[fiscal_p[More]

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