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Error while posting IDoc

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Hi, i am getting the following error while posting an IDoc: Program parameters for LS XXXXXXXX 2002 have not been set. Please suggest what can be the possible reason for it and the probable solution.First , check the partner profiles in R3, i.e. a lo

i am getting the following error while posting an IDoc: Program parameters for LS XXXXXXXX 2002 have not been set. Please suggest what can be the possible reason for it and the probable solution.

The replay answer
First ,
check the partner profiles in R3,
i.e. a logical system is defined for XI , particluar Message type is added on inbond side and selected the releavnt messge type and and process code. this is all in WE20.
defining a logical system is in SALE.
then ditribute u r the model in BD 64
once every thing is OK in R3
on PI.
create a RFC destination of type R3 which points to R3 , try remote log-on .
this will be used in receiver chaneel
and check u r receiver chaneel is defined under Business system of R3, and BS refers to same client where partner profiles are defined.
and one of the following should be in place.
check 'apply control record from payload' if ur explictly passing Control record from mapping
check sender service and receiver service in Receiver agreement and select appropriate systems.

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