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Essbase Server install - Unable to create application

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Hello, I did a full install of this version. After working through the config for Shared Services using SQL Server, I installed the package in "Essbase standalone mode" which is really all I need. I have encountered a couple of problems trying t

Hello, I did a full install of this version. After working through the config for Shared Services using SQL Server, I installed the package in "Essbase standalone mode" which is really all I need. I have encountered a couple of problems trying to get this finished.
I have started the ESSBASE.exe server file and it is "Waiting for Client requests"
I have started the Oracle EPM System->Essbase->Admin Services->Start Admin Services (Embedded Java Container). Tomcat -eas says it is "Waiting for Client Requests"
When I launch the EAS console, I am unable to add the EAS admin Server using "Machine Address:10080" which I confirmed is the EAS connection port.
I can however add this server to my Essbase server list via another Administrative Server. I connect using the same machine address syntax as above less the port number and am communicating with the server. I can add users. I can not add an application though. I get the following message in the essbase logs that have been modified today. I can't find a specific server log other than the easserver.log.
Please help me troubleshoot. Thanks very much.
[Thu Aug 11 10:59:41 2011]Local/ESSBASE0///Error(1056603)
Unable to spawn process for application [Summary]. Please ensure that adequate memory is available.
[Thu Aug 11 10:59:41 2011]Local/ESSBASE0///Error(1054001)
Cannot load application Summary with error number [1056603] - see server log file
[Thu Aug 11 10:59:41 2011]Local/ESSBASE0///Warning(1051003)
Error 1054001 processing request [MaxL: Execute] - disconnecting
Information message (Aug 11, 2011 10:49:35 AM):
LoginCommandListener: Command 'com.essbase.eas.admin.defs.LoginCommands.IsConnected' routed to 'isConnected'
     op => com.essbase.eas.admin.defs.LoginCommands.IsConnected

The replay answer
You should be able to create an application by going to http://<machine name>:8300/HyperionPlanning/Appwizard.jsp
Make sure you are logging in with an administrator that also has the shared service roles of Application Creator, Dimension Editor.
If you are having problems still, you can stop planning running as a service, start it from the start menu and it should log errors to the command window.

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