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Essbase Service stops randomly

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<p>Essbase Service stops automatically, this stops the Essbaseapplications. When I restart the applications they get into FreeSpace recovery taking more time to complete blocking the useraccess to the other application.<br><br>EssbaseSer

<p>Essbase Service stops automatically, this stops the Essbaseapplications. When I restart the applications they get into FreeSpace recovery taking more time to complete blocking the useraccess to the other application.<br><br>EssbaseService Error: 997, Shutting down Essbase service..<br><br><br>thanks<br>Ramesh</p>

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What version of Essbase? Are you using App Mgr or Essbase Administration Services, and do you have PC Anywhere?

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Essbase Service stops randomly

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<p>Essbase Service stops automatically, this stops the Essbaseapplications. When I restart the applications they get into FreeSpace recovery taking more time to complete blocking the useraccess to the other application.<br><br>EssbaseSer[More]

How to create a batch file to stop/start only essbase services

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Hi, I have a requirement to build a batch file to schedule stop or start essbase. This batch files should run daily once. Version I have tried to prepare a batch file which is calling the default service restart batch StartEssbase.bat and s[More]

Essbase service gets shutdown abruptly

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Hi, We are facing a problem with Essbase Service. even after multiple restarts, the service just stops with in few seconds after its starts. Please find below error in the log. [Fri Apr 30 09:21:40 2010]Local/ESSBASE0///Error(1051496) Essbase failed[More]

Essbase Service Can't Start

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Hi there, I am working under Hyperion 11.1.1 and I have error. I want to start Essbase service in order to use MAXL / Essmsh but the Essbase service can't start. The service starts manually as usual and path to executable pointed to C:\Hyperion\produ[More]

Automate start/stop essbase service using Maxl or batch

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Hi - how would my batch or Maxl file look like if I wanted to come out with a script to stop and start my essbase service? The reason why i am doing this is because I wanted to stop the essbase service, so that I can archive the essbase.log file. I a[More]

Essbase service will not start

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(Hyperion version 9.3.1) Database crashed while a calc script was running and now when I try to start the essbase service I get the following error: Error 14001: This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect.[More]

Need Urgent Help... Essbase service is stopping automatically

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Hello All, In our production box essbase service is stopping automatically. Can you please help me to resolve this issue... OS : Windows Server 2003 Hyperion : SharedServices_Security_Client.log 2013-12-09 01:17:25,609 INFO  [main] CSS is in[More]

Essbase services from remote machine

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Hi, Can anyone suggest if we can start all the essbase services(like foundation services, essbase server, etc) from a remote machine or client machine? Please advice. Can we write a script or is there any other option available? Thanks in advance.If[More]

Essbase Service suddenly stops during report automation

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Has anyone experienced this before? The Essbase service suddenly stops while running batches. I get the following message in the Event viewer everytime this happens: The Hyperion S9 BI+ Analytic Services 9.3.0 - essbase service terminated unexpectedl[More]

Essbase services stop&start order

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Hi all, I want to knowthe order to stop&start essbase services STOP: administration servicese Essbase services Foundation Openldap but we have 3 batch script its stoping 4 services and wat is HYS9ESBAgent11.1.1.1_Hypservice_1?? where should i find th[More]

Essbase Service crashed after starting other EPM service

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Hi, I'm using EPM on WebLogic 9.23. OS: Win2003R2 32bit. 2 days ago my server has been crashed. After that I had to restore OpenLDAP directory. As loading of services Essbase service is started successfully, however at call to it through EAS[More]

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