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Excise duty on capital goods 100% on hold....

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Hi Experts- In general cases when we do capital goods purchase, 50% tax we will pay and 50% tax will be on client requirement is 100% need to be hold....Pls guide me how can i fullfill that? Pls provide alos... The general entry sh

Hi Experts-
In general cases when we do capital goods purchase, 50% tax we will pay and 50% tax will be on client requirement is 100% need to be hold....Pls guide me how can i fullfill that?
Pls provide alos...
The general entry should be like this....
RG 23C BED DR 10
CENVAT on hold DR 10
                          To CENVAT clearing a/c 20
But they want like this....
CENVAT on hold DR 20
                                         To CENVAT Clearing a/c 20
Please give inputs...

The replay answer
The reversal entry done by J2I8 and the adjustment entry done by J1IH would not impact the J1IEX document posted. Hence the MIRO would still be representing the values of the J1IEX posted values. The excise value can be adjusted in the inventory value in the MIRO line item or can be adjusted in the unplanned delivery cost under details tab in MIRO (depending on the sales tax/VAT implications).
Hope it works.

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Excise duty on capital goods 100% on hold....

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