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Excise Duty sediment allowance calculation

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How does SAP deal with sediment allowance: For cask products we are able to claim a sediment allowance, for the undrinkable bits at the bottom of a cask. So if a product has a volume of 9 Gallons (40.9L) but there is a sediment figure of 0.7L we only

How does SAP deal with sediment allowance:
For cask products we are able to claim a sediment allowance, for the undrinkable bits at the bottom of a cask. So if a product has a volume of 9 Gallons (40.9L) but there is a sediment figure of 0.7L we only pay duty on 40.2L.

The replay answer
The tax code in PO follows the FI pricing in OBQ3, TAXINN...
    it is been maintained as u have described..
     first create tax code in FTXP  say F1= 8.24% excise and 4% vat
    then maintain conditions records for the above tax code if FV11
         for JMOP( BED)     =  8
               JEC1(ECESS)  =  2
               JSEP(SECESS) = 1
               JMX1(BED % CREDIT) = 100
               JEX1(ECESS% CREDIT) =100
               JHX1(SECESS% CREDIT) = 100
               JVRD(VAT CREDIT)      = 4
then assign tax code to company code in tax on goods movement < basic setting < calculation based
the check the condition type please try OBYZ...

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Excise Duty sediment allowance calculation

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How does SAP deal with sediment allowance: For cask products we are able to claim a sediment allowance, for the undrinkable bits at the bottom of a cask. So if a product has a volume of 9 Gallons (40.9L) but there is a sediment figure of 0.7L we only[More]

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