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Excise invoice problem ---very urgent.

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Hi Everybody, At present I am working for an Indian Project. I have small issue, Can you please provide the solution.        We have a configurable material, For dispatching Configurable Machine, It requires 5 lorries to delivering to customer. They

Hi Everybody,
At present I am working for an Indian Project.
I have small issue, Can you please provide the solution.
       We have a configurable material, For dispatching Configurable Machine, It requires 5 lorries to delivering to customer.
They are preparing 5 excise invoice, First invoice contains all the values. Remaining excise does not have values. it is 'ZERO'. But "Every excise invoice is having its unique number"
Same thing how can we take 5 excise invoice with reference to same commercial invoice in SAP with different excise invoice number.
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We are manufacturing KMAT Material. If customer is order for KMAT Material, we will manufacture and dispatch to the customer.
This KMAT material is a very big machine, At the time of dispatch Big Machine is dividing into 5 parts and delivery to the customer. For this 5 Lorries are require for delivering to the customer. For each and every lorry requires one excise invoice,
First will have Actual Excise Invoice that means it contains all values But remaining lorries also requires Excise Invoice, But all BED,CES,SCES Values will be 'ZERO'. But Each and Every Excise Invoice is having a unique number.
But in the system, i am maintaining KMAT Material Quantity as '1'. I can't differentiate partially in the system.
Process Flow:
1. Sales Order -- Material Quanity '1'
2. Delivery Doc -
Materail Quanity '1'
3. For dispatch this material to customer, partly loading into lorries, and delivery to customer, At customer place, engineer will assemble the product.
4. Commerical Invoice. Material Quantity '1'
5. Excise invocie Material Quanity '1'
In SAP I can't create multiple excise invoice with reference to One Commercila Invoice.
But how to take multiple excise inovice in the system.

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Excise invoice problem ---very urgent.

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Hi Everybody, At present I am working for an Indian Project. I have small issue, Can you please provide the solution.        We have a configurable material, For dispatching Configurable Machine, It requires 5 lorries to delivering to customer. They[More]

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