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Extracting data into two ODS at same time

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Hi experts, I am on BW 3.5, and was wondering if the possible scenario is possible; We are extracting 6.5 million recs from our R/3 system into ODS 1. But the records should split up and either go into ODS 1 or ODS 2 depending on its company code. I

Hi experts,
I am on BW 3.5, and was wondering if the possible scenario is possible;
We are extracting 6.5 million recs from our R/3 system into ODS 1.
But the records should split up and either go into ODS 1 or ODS 2 depending on its company code.
I know this can be done by creating two datasources and using two different Modules we could decide what goes and what doesn't, but this would require two extractions, one per module.
I want to know if there is a way this can be done with one extraction,
e.g. the extraction would be to ODS 1, and in the update rules start routine is it possible to decide if the record belongs in ODS 1 or ODS 2,
if it is ODS 2 can we write from this update rule to another ODS????

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Hiya Santhosh,
currently I have created two update rules one to each ODS. The problem is the load to ODS 1 is 6.5 million + recs, while the load to ODS 2 is 20,000 recs.
The extraction from R/3 takes about 4 + hours, so I would have to perform the extraction twice to populate them both, which is a waste of time for the 20,000 recs.
Is it possible to get all the recs in in one extract and then dictate what ODS it populates without creating a third ODS to initially populate????

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