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hi, i need some sample programs developed using webdynpro, i need FAQ's on EP, and if possible any small projects on EP. can any one please reply to me thanking u.hi vijaya, <b>refer to this threads New to EP.. Very new to EP with Little knowledge o

i need some sample programs developed using webdynpro,
i need FAQ's on EP,
and if possible any small projects on EP.
can any one please reply to me
thanking u.

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hi vijaya,
<b>refer to this threads
New to EP..
Very new to EP with Little knowledge on JAVA....Help on this
Beginning EP Development
Oliver's favorite SDN link collection
Top Weblogs of All Time [19 to 14]
Installing and configuring the preview edition of EP
What is EP ??
About portal
e-Books on EP
Beginner to EP
Start with EP
Portal Development>
   Java development methodologies (Part II)>
i think by this time ur doubts have been cleared....u have got enough material to go it & close the thread........award points to all

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