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File structure?

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Hi Experts, I've came across a scenario /people/prateek.shah/blog/2005/06/14/file-to-r3-via-abap-proxy which is File to R/3 via ABAP Proxy.... In Sources File structure section the author is describing the file structure. Now my question is why he is

Hi Experts,
I've came across a scenario /people/prateek.shah/blog/2005/06/14/file-to-r3-via-abap-proxy
which is File to R/3 via ABAP Proxy....
In Sources File structure section the author is describing the file structure.
Now my question is why he is considering 4 headers i.e.,
Y447859 - File Header
VOL1 - Volume Header Label…
HDR1 - First File Header Label…
HDR2 - Second File Header Label…
can anyone explain me the typical structure of a how many header,data and trailer records will a file contain in general.
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Hi Faisal !
The file structure depends on the requirements of each scenario. You can define a file structure freely to have many record data types, a bunch of them could be used as headers, others as details records, others as footers. It all depends on you.
Maybe the most common file formats are:
- only detail records
- 1 header  + N detail + 1 footer
- 1 header + N detail type A + M detail type B + 1 footer
but its up to you.
In that blog, he is just describing the structure of the chosen file.
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