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Filesystem goes read-only

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Hi, all Yesterday, OVM Server3.1.1 was crashed. due to ovspoolfs.img was corrupted. I recovered ovspoolfs.img.(but OVM Manager didn't recognize that server.) Main problem is that Filesystem goes read-only. I checked out /var/log/messages. but There a

Hi, all
Yesterday, OVM Server3.1.1 was crashed. due to ovspoolfs.img was corrupted. I recovered ovspoolfs.img.(but OVM Manager didn't recognize that server.)
Main problem is that Filesystem goes read-only. I checked out /var/log/messages. but There are no disk errors or I/O erros.
Does anyone know what could be causing this problem or any solutions?
Thank you for your help.

The replay answer
Thanks for all these great tips!
As R00KIE pointed out I don't have a good backup system. I think I will go to my computer shop next monday to fix some good backup drive, because this quite scared me actually.
As for now I acted as follows:
Reboot, try to remount /srv and /opt [they are on the same disk].
Result: Bulks of errors. Lots of "soft resetting link" and "link to slow".
Another reboot, which kicked me in single user mode. I was had to remount / and was able to alter /etc/fstab, so that /srv and /opt were not mounted by default.
Shutdown system, open the casing.
Clean internals with vacuum cleaner. Unplug all harddisk cables and plug them back again.
Fire up the system. Mount /srv.
Try to make backup of important data on /srv.
This seemed to work, and there are no errors anymore. Probably some cable was loose, somehow. But I still do not really trust the situation, and will fix some backup routine.
Thanks again for all the tips and tricks. I will definitely run some extra checks and utilities from now on!
P. S.: Running "e2fsck -f -y -v" on both /srv and /opt says everything is fine. No errors, no bad blocks.
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