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Flex Developers Required Sydney Australia

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I would like to offer an excellent opportunity for flex developers for a contract in Sydney Australia. Excellent hourly rate Please see this advertisement client is a tier one

I would like to offer an excellent opportunity for flex
developers for a contract in Sydney Australia. Excellent hourly
Please see this advertisement

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My client is a tier one investment bank looking for 3 Flex
developers to join a greenfield project. The desired and essential
skills are shown in my previous post. These are immediate hires and
would be keen to touch base with anyone who matches the
Please contact me on [email protected]

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Flex Developers Required Sydney Australia

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I would like to offer an excellent opportunity for flex developers for a contract in Sydney Australia. Excellent hourly rate Please see this advertisement client is a tier one[More]

Flex developers required

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ADOBE FLEX/FLEX DEVELOPER REQUIRED FOR INVESTMENT BANK FLEX, ADOBE FLEX, FLASH, ACTIONSCRIPT, JAVA, J2EE Essentials: ADOBE FLEX FLEX Desirable: JAVA J2EE FLASH ACTIONSCRIPTMy client is a tier one investment bank looking for 3 Flex developers to join[More]


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Morgan Stanley have at least 5 openings at Vice President level based in London. Proven flex skills are needed to be successful. Skills required: • 5-10 years experience of UI development • Experience of leading the design and build of User Interface[More]

Morgan Stanley - Flex Developers needed - Contract or Perm , London

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Coldfusion Developers Sydney, Australia

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I'd really like to meet up with some of the other coldfusion developers in sydney, even if only for lunch. Have a look at what you get up to and your implementations. If anybody is interested, drop a message here and I'll see if we get the numbers to[More]

Flex Developers Needed ASAP - Charlotte, NC

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Open  Systems Technologies has been involved in the recruitment of technologists for  various industries of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tampa, Virginia, DC and  other centers around the world for over 20 years. Our client is a large  financial fi[More]

Sydney Australia- Looking for a Front End BC Developer (jnr-mid)

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Does the new AIR SDK support iOS 64-bit for Flex Developers?

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I saw that the new AIR SDK(December 18, 2014) has supported iOS 64-bit, but it was only supported in the new compiler. See this: Please note that support for creating universal IPA binaries will only be available in the new compiler. The legacy compi[More]

Looking for FLEX Developers and Flex production support specialists

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We are looking for several strong Java/Flex developers as well as Java/Flex production support specialists for long term consulting/right to hire opportunities with a global telecom client in Warren, NJ 6 month contract potential/right to hire For mo[More]

Looking for awesome Flex developers

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I'm looking for awesome Flex developers who are interested in creating real-time collaborative applications. Deadline is 7 of May. You may call it a race. The apps created are automatically registered in a public voting system. The most popular app c[More]

ORM in Adobe ColdFusion 9  for  flex developers

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What advantage does the ORM in Adobe ColdFusion 9 Have for flex developers as Flash builder 4 does so much of that for us nowadaysWhat is nice about it is the AIR support, imho, so that you can do object-oriented database management with a SQLite dat[More]

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