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Gamecenter says I have a friend request but I don't

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Hello - Gamecenter in my iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.3 shows a badge indicating that I have a pending request.  When I load Gamecenter, it also says 1 pending friend request.  However, when I load the "friends" section, there are no pending requests.  Thi

Hello - Gamecenter in my iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.3 shows a badge indicating that I have a pending request.  When I load Gamecenter, it also says 1 pending friend request.  However, when I load the "friends" section, there are no pending requests.  This is only happening on my iPhone, even though the same account is on my iPad and MacBook.  None of the other devices have this issue - only the iPhone.
Any suggestions on what could be wrong / how to fix would be appreciated!

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Sorry for this long thing, but hopefully it helps.
Have you tried closing the application from the multitasking, then restarting your phone? This could solve the problem. Sometimes our apps just get exhausted and need to restart in the same way our phones need to.
Have you tried logging out and logging back into game center? This can reset game centers information, which should reset friends as well. This can be found in settings>game center
Have you verified your apple ID? Since you're on here I'd guess thats a yes but just in case you haven't go here:
Is your iOS up to date? sometimes servers get upgraded with the updates so older iOS versions might not be compatible in silly small ways (like Game Center not displaying friends).
The other issue could be related to an error my own phone was having. Basically I couldn't add friends (whether I was sending the request or receiving it) or play multiplayer on game center. In that case the issue is in the iPhone/iPad/iPod software itself, which is something we'd all expect (at least I would) when a company creates a new operating from scratch. In this case what's happening is your game center is responding to the iOS restrictions found in your settings menu (even though restrictions are disabled).
To fix this problem
go to settings>general>restrictions
Enable restrictions and choose a password you'll remember in 45 seconds
Scroll to the bottom where you see the section labeled "Game Center"
Now flip the switch on both Multiplayer Games and Adding Friends so both switches are green.
Scroll back to the top and disable restrictions
So let me know if you try any of that and let me know if any of it works.

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