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We are maintaining a very large WebHelp project (over 1000 files in the WebHelp folder) and keeping the files in ClearCase. Everytime the project is updated all of the files are treated as though they have changed (whether they have or not). It takes

We are maintaining a very large WebHelp project (over 1000
files in the WebHelp folder) and keeping the files in ClearCase.
Everytime the project is updated all of the files are treated as
though they have changed (whether they have or not). It takes a
couple of hours to check the files out and into ClearCase. What I'm
wondering is what files are actually updated (other than the
specifically affected HTML files). Are all files in the whdata,
whgdata, whxdata folders updated, only HTM files, JavaScript? All
JavaScript files in the main project directory? The CAB file? XML?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The replay answer
When RH finishes publishing it opens a window reporting how
many files were published and listing them. You can save the list
to a text file and/or print it.
Have you compared the source code from the old and new
versions and verified that RH republished a file that didn't
A republished file is different in some way from the one in
the target directory.
In the whxxxx directories, RH should republish only the ones
that changed.
Search and Index terms are recompiled, but often some output
files are untouched, so RH doesn't republish those.
RH revises topic.htm files in ways that are not immediately
apparent. For example, each topic refers to its TOC label,
including its place in the book/sub-book structure, so a TOC
revision creates an updated file even though you left the
displayable contents as they were.
Have you tried deleting the single-source output setup, which
might have been corrupted, and creating a new one?

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