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Generating XML from form fmb forms

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I am new to XML. I have some questions about generating XML forms from fmb forms. if possible I need some hintsIf you download the latest XSQL Servlet (release it features several things that would help make this easy: (1) If you just want t

I am new to XML. I have some questions about generating XML forms from fmb forms. if possible I need some hints

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If you download the latest XSQL Servlet (release it features several things that would help make this easy:
(1) If you just want to insert the
posted HTML form parameters into
a table or view, you can use
a new tag called <xsql:insert-request>
This materializes a "request" document
from the HTML Form parameters and
allows you to specify an XSLT
transformation to transform the request
document into a format suitable for
automatic insert into the table you
provide. (See the release notes for
(2) You can write your own custom
action handler in Java that can
get access to the materialized
XML document representing the
HTML form parameters by calling:
in your custom action handler.

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Generating XML from form fmb forms

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I am new to XML. I have some questions about generating XML forms from fmb forms. if possible I need some hintsIf you download the latest XSQL Servlet (release it features several things that would help make this easy: (1) If you just want t[More]

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