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Global default setting for workbook

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Hi,, In BI 7.0 Version ,, I was creating a workbook template by my standard,, Add to logo,,, date,, and user name I save my workbook and then checking the perminent workbook setting,,, But that is restricted onyl my user ID,, so, i want to know about

In BI 7.0 Version ,,
I was creating a workbook template by my standard,,
Add to logo,,, date,, and user name
I save my workbook and then checking the perminent workbook setting,,,
But that is restricted onyl my user ID,,
so, i want to know about global default setting...
I was supposed that global setting is part of authrization object or other thing...
Thank you..

The replay answer
Please refer the following link which will answer your question
Its mentioned that
To use the selected workbook as the default workbook for all users, set the Global Default Workbook indicator. The indicator is only input-ready if the user has the necessary authorization. Authorization object S_RS_TOOLS is required. Field COMMAND must contain value THEMES.
Hope this helps you!

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Hi,, In BI 7.0 Version ,, I was creating a workbook template by my standard,, Add to logo,,, date,, and user name I save my workbook and then checking the perminent workbook setting,,, But that is restricted onyl my user ID,, so, i want to know about[More]

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