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Grouping and Decimal characters in rtf templates.

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Hi guys and girls, I'm really struggling with a problem here regarding the decimal characters for the prices in my output. I'm using XML Publisher 5.6.3. My goal is to control the grouping and decimal character from my template. The numbers in the XM

Hi guys and girls,
I’m really struggling with a problem here regarding the decimal characters for the prices in my output.
I'm using XML Publisher 5.6.3.
My goal is to control the grouping and decimal character from my template.
The numbers in the XML data file can either be 10.000,00 or 10,000.00. The format is handled by the users nls_numeric_characters profile option.
The output of the template shall be based on the locale and not the data generated by Oracle Reports. For example: Reports to US customers shall show the numbers in the following format 10,000.00. Reports to our European customers shall show the numbers in this format 10.000,00.
How can I achieve this in my templates? Can it be achieved at all?
Thank you in advance.
Kenneth Kristoffersen
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The replay answer
Thank you for your reply.
The problem is that the report is generating the output based on the users profile option nls_numeric_characters.
I have tried to override the users profile option in the before report trigger without any luck. I can alter selects so the query gets the numbers in the right format but then I would have to go through all queryes and reports which seem a bit wrong? Especially for the standard Oracle reports.
BR Kenneth

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