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Help!!! No MMS function

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Hey I'm new to forums and looking for help I just bought a new BB 8330 phone off ebay. I have no MMS function. How do I solve this?Greetings, and welcome to the Support Forums.  Do you have THE BlackBerry Data Plan on your carrier acco

Hey I'm new to forums and looking for help
I just bought a new BB 8330 phone off ebay. I have no MMS function. How do I solve this?

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Greetings, and welcome to the Support Forums. 
Do you have THE BlackBerry Data Plan on your carrier account?
You must, since the data portion of the MMS message flow through the "data" portion of your provisioning.
And, your carrier will push to your device the Service Book which is needed to enable MMS.
Also, you posted your question in the welcomes and introductions thread, and we'll ask that this thread be moved to the 8300 device section.
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Help!!! No MMS function

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Hey I'm new to forums and looking for help I just bought a new BB 8330 phone off ebay. I have no MMS function. How do I solve this?Greetings, and welcome to the Support Forums.  Do you have THE BlackBerry Data Plan on your carrier acco[More]

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