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Help / suggestions with multiple apple id's

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I would like to give a scenario and hopefully get some advice / help / suggestions on how best to approach this: We are an Academy in the UK with over 700 students on roll ranging from 14 to 18 years old.  Each student has an iPad mini.  Not all stud

I would like to give a scenario and hopefully get some advice / help / suggestions on how best to approach this:
We are an Academy in the UK with over 700 students on roll ranging from 14 to 18 years old.  Each student has an iPad mini.  Not all students have their own Apple ID.  The Academy is very diverse and we have many students coming and going throughout the year as well as new intake of students each year.  iPads can change hands a number of times.
Bearing in mind that one can only activate an ID only 3 times per device, and that an Apple ID can only have 10 devices associated with it, what is the recommendation in terms of getting students up and running with a device and Apple ID?
Here's my reason for asking:  We have a number of iPad Minis which can no longer be used because the limit of 3 ID's have been used on those devices.  As mentioned, a lot of our students do not already have an Apple ID and so will create one when they are given their iPad.  This only has to happen three times and we effectively have a very expensive coffee coaster!
Open to any help and advice.  Many thanks in advance!

The replay answer
more to it than that
pitty you can't use it
I assume these are institution owned devices and not user owned
I've never heard of this 3 strikes and your out scenario, if that was the case you wouldn't be able to sell ios devices second hand, unless I'm miss understanding what your describing
Sounds like the devices have not released properly from iCloud, find my phone
and iOS 7 activation lock is on
if you don't know that iTunes account and password you can't do anything with the device
you'll have to prove to apple you own it or track down the iTunes account owner it's locked with

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