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Help with a used ipod

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A friend sold me her old ipod when she got a new one but did not have the original install software. I have set up iTunes but when I plug in the nano the usb is not recognizing it and it is not showing up under devices in iTunes. is there a way to ob

A friend sold me her old ipod when she got a new one but did not have the original install software.
I have set up iTunes but when I plug in the nano the usb is not recognizing it and it is not showing up under devices in iTunes.
is there a way to obtain the software without buying a new nano?
fingers crossed I did not ger hosed on this

The replay answer
The software for the iPod should already be installed on it, and iTunes version 7 can be downloaded here.
iTunes download.
Then try another port on your computer. Some ports are not connected direct to the motherboard and do not recognize the iPod as well as those that are. Reset the iPod each time you connect it to another port.
Then try with the iPod in forced disk mode.
Putting iPod into disk mode.
Still no joy, see these.
iTunes 7 doesn't recognize the iPod.
Your Windows PC doesn't recognize iPod</font color</a>.
iPod appears in Windows Explorer but does not appear in iTunes.
iPod does not appear in iTunes.
Fast user switching in Windows XP is not supported.
Windows confuses iPod with network drive

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