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Help with Count function

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Post Author: RJPiekos CA Forum: Desktop Intelligence Reporting I am trying to use the count function to count the number of unique PO numbers in a column. The program returns a value of "1" even when there are no PO's to be counted. Is there som

Post Author: RJPiekos
CA Forum: Desktop Intelligence Reporting
I am trying to use the count function to count the number of unique PO numbers in a column. The program returns a value of "1" even when there are no PO's to be counted. Is there some system setting that i am missing.
The universe that i am using is a free-hand SQL query to to an MS Access .mdb file. (if that makes a difference)
Desktop IntelligenceBO 11.5

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Post Author: RJPiekos
CA Forum: Desktop Intelligence Reporting
Found my problem - 'empty' values in the PO column were not NULL.

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