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Host Name Verification problem

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Weblogic (8.1+) Host Name Verification is failing when I think it should succeed. I've read the docs but it doesn't sounds like there's an easy way to get it working other than to disable host name verification all together - is there? I get: <Warnin

Weblogic (8.1+) Host Name Verification is failing when I think it should succeed. I've read the docs but it doesn't sounds like there's an easy way to get it working other than to disable host name verification all together - is there?
I get:
<Warning> <Security> <BEA-090504> <Certificate chain received from - failed hostname verification check. Certificate contained * but check expected>
Thanks for any advice.

The replay answer
Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately, it's not my certificate - it belongs to and my code is trying to connect to them from my weblogic application.
Apparently their production certificate doesn't use wildcards, so this won't be an issue. Still, it's unfortunate that wildcards don't work with Host Name Verification. I suppose a workaround if it becomes a production issue to write my own verifier, but I was hoping not to.

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