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How can i get my music from my labtop to my iphone

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i want to get all my music content from my labtop to my iphone and i cant figure out how to do it?Read the manual: iPhone User Guide (For iOS 4.2 and 4.3 Software)Read other 3 answers

i want to get all my music content from my labtop to my iphone and i cant figure out how to do it?

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Read the manual:
iPhone User Guide (For iOS 4.2 and 4.3 Software)

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My phone wont let me download apps

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I tried updating apps on my iphone. When I click update all it acts like it's going to download. Then it tells me there's an error. I put in my billing information but it still won't download them. I don't know what to do.What is the error?Read other[More]

IPhone 5S Voice Memos

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Hi everyone, I have a problem with the voice memos. I am using an iPhone 5S -> iOS7, back up from iPhone 4S (the voice memos were recorded in iPhone 4S). Previously, my iPhone 4S had the same problem too. The voice memos can't be found in the iPhone[More]

New Phone

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My husband used my iCloud account before I had an iPhone. Now that I have one, I am still finding information from when my husband used the account. I try to backup my iCloud account and it says I do not have enough space, but I know I still 3.9GB le[More]

Year-at-a-glance View in iCal

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Once again, I am filling out next year's year-at-a-glance wall calendar and wish I had this view in iCal. With today's screens, a year-at-a-glance view shouldn't be difficult to implement and would be very useful. My favorite layout has 12 rows (one[More]

How can multiple family members use one account?

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My children have iphones, ipads, ipods and mac books, my problem is how do you use home sharing with the devices and not get each others data.  My Husband just added his iphone to the account and got all of my daughters contacts.  I understand they c[More]

How do multiple family members use iTunes.? One account or multiple?

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How do multiple family members use iTunes. One account right now but apps gets added to all devices and iTunes messages go to all devices.  Can multiple accounts be setup and still have ability to share purchased items?Hey Ajtt! I have an article for[More]

Report OPEN and CLOSE in computers client

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Post Author: B.prata CA Forum: Crystal Reports I have an application developedin Visual Basic with report in the CR 4.6, but in the computers customers when I will access the application,I try to emit a report , it opens and close the report. What ca[More]

Looking for Daily Calendar At-a-Glance App

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I'd love to find an app that will post an alert to my iPhone each morning listing out my day's calendar events. Anyone know of one? For what it's worth, I have 4 active calendars in Calendar app.I don't know of any apps like the one you want; however[More]

Printing list view in ical

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I use mail and ical for everything now. Everything is fine except When I want to print the "list view" which shows my "to dos". It displays the URL the "do to" is attached to in mail. I use notes often in mail and enter to do[More]

Weekly "List View" in iCal

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Hello - my family has recently converted to Mac, and my wife and I have been long-time Outlook users in our workplaces... Trying to help my wife get her calendar data to iCal - one of the few things that we miss from Outlook is the "Week" view,[More]

Event List view in iCal?

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I would love to have an Event List view in iCal like I do on the calendar on my iPhone. Is there such a thing? The particular reason for wanting it (this time) is that one of the calendars in the ON MY MAC list has a number in a oval to the right. I[More]

I just noticed this. iTunes will not play any .mpg files on my Intel Mini runing SnowLeopard. I don't know if this is confined to video files or not. I have iTunes 9. whatever, it's the latest. The same files play fine in Leopard on my G5 Tower in th [More]
Hi, Have anyone experience the following problem: BW version 3.5 In the ODS the numbers reflect correctly scaled as from the source (i.e. 65,000.00 JPY). However when we execute the BeX report it appears to be 6,500,000.00. We've checked the query fo [More]
Hi everyone, I have a master page that contains just the footer information for a publication I'm working on. I then have a second master that's based on the first master. On this second master I've created a large colored graphic rectangle that fill [More]
Hi all, I have a datagrid with checkbox as renderer. after selecting few checkboxes,if i scroll the datagrid checkboxes are selected at random. my renderer code is attached.. thanksHi karnatis, Just like Alex told you, we can do it easily by for (var [More]
Multiple contacts. My contact list is littered with contact info 10X over. Each person has sometimes over  6 profiles in my contacts list. How do I manage all of this? And by manage I mean delete them forever?well first you need to know why that happ [More]
Hello friends, since we've upgraded to NW7 we encounter the problem that process chains start automatically after transporting them from test system to productive system. This ist very unpleasant! Does anybody encounter this problem too? Ist there a [More]
I don't like that if you allow printing of a PDF in your DRM permissions that a user of Digital Editions can print to a PDF and essentially "break" the DRM by creating a new DRM-free PDF. Is there a way to prevent this? Thanks for the help. (I'm [More]
Hi all, We have 5 sites, at least 2 AD servers in each site. Sometimes one site (which is a mobile site as we go to different venues) is off for a week but sometimes for up to 3 months during winter. In our main factory site, we have 3 DCs which are [More]
About two months ago I upgraded to the Canon 5D MkII, very nice, 21MP, but this is to just set the stage, my previous camera was 12MP. During a normal days shoot I will, using raw, shoot around 1000 images, say 50 per "scene". I then go through [More]
hi im about to update my bios to 1.9 ... do i have to clear cmos after bios update finish? and also clearing cmos is as easy as removing the battery for a while then putting it back in right?in my opinion Clear Cmos should be always done after flashi [More]