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How do I add a Vista printer shared over wLan?

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I knew how to do it in Tiger. I Alt-Clicked Add printers in System Prefs, then I went to Advanced>something like Windows Printing over SAMBA and then I would add something like: [email protected]/Brother HL-2030 and that would create a new queue in m

I knew how to do it in Tiger. I Alt-Clicked Add printers in System Prefs, then I went to Advanced>something like Windows Printing over SAMBA and then I would add something like:
[email protected]/Brother HL-2030
and that would create a new queue in my Printers list.
I can't seem to do it anymore in Leopard.
Right now I need to print from my MacBook Pro running 10.5.6 over wi-fi to a Brother HL-2030 which is connected via USB to a Dell Vostro Desktop running Vista. It also is on the same wLan.
Many thanks, people.

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Hi PAHU, I already have done that, but the problem is that I can't seem to figure out what to enter into the fields that appear. It's different to Tiger's screen. Here's what I've done, to no avail though:
Alt-Clicked on Advanced, waited a long time until the fields become active underneath,
Type: Windows
Device: Another Device
URL: smb://[email protected]/Brother (where 'Business-PC' is the Win Vista Desktop which is connected to the Brother HL-2030 laser printer I want to print to)
Name: Business-PC (what is this, really?)
Location: Again, what is this?
Print Using: Select a driver to use...
and in the ensuing new field, I select the Brother HL-2030 series CUPS driver.
But, like I said, it doesn't work.

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