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How do I set the 4k resolution?

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I have a MacPro with dual D700 and 6xDP and HDMI1.4. The latter is limited to 4k30 (UHD24-30 and C4K24) by the standard. I have connected this port to a Samsung 40HU6950 4k TV that supports all four HDMI 4k modes. The MP is defaulting to C4K and thus

I have a MacPro with dual D700 and 6xDP and HDMI1.4. The latter is limited to 4k30 (UHD24-30 and C4K24) by the standard. I have connected this port to a Samsung 40HU6950 4k TV that supports all four HDMI 4k modes.
The MP is defaulting to C4K and thus outputting 4096x2160 at the only supported refresh rate of 24Hz. I would rather run it at UHD30 (3840x2160p30) because (a) the refresh rate will be 25% higher and (b) I will reduce the scaling artifacts that the 6.6% reduction from 4096 to 3840 may be causing in the TV as the panel is really UHD.
The displays Control Panel for the Sammy does not give me any options, only "what is best for this TV" and five Scaled options (which are all zoom modes). However, the latter is still using the C4K resolution. I would rather the output be UHD30 with chosen Scale level, but that's not how the system operates (yet). Regardless of how the visual elements are scaled, I should be able to choose between the timing formats.
The reason for this is the mouse movement is laggy and non-fluid. When vendors start selling DP-to-HDMI2 dongles in a couple months, this nightmare should be over and I can output 60Hz. But I really want it to be UHD so every incoming datum matches with a screen element (fixing 'b' above).
Theoretically, I could remove the EDID from the Samsung and reprogram it to NOT have C4K, but this is extreme and not what you would do while still under warranty. It also presupposes that the EDID is not embedded in the silicon and can be removed. An alternative would be to use a "golden EDID", which is where the data structure is held within the Mac itself and the one in the TV is ignored. This is used when TV's is wrong or bad

The replay answer
Well, that was helpful. There were a whole bunch of resolutions in there, and ironically, UHD30 was at the top of the list (like it was Preferred or something).
I changed the res and the mouse movement immediately became smoother. However, after about 9s, the screen went dark for about 2s, therm came back. I'm going to have to see how stable this turns out to be. But it looks really good right now.
I may grab the EDID, parse it, and but some insights about it here. I did searches for UHD and 3840, but did not find anything useful. And there should be

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