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How to compare data between two worksheet in Excel for applescript

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Hi All, How to compare the data from two different worksheet in Excel and set the value into one worksheet according to the same name? Here is the example. Worksheet 1 & 2 current we have, the final worksheet is the result we want and the value can b

Hi All,
How to compare the data from two different worksheet in Excel and set the value into one worksheet according to the same name? Here is the example. Worksheet 1 & 2 current we have, the final worksheet is the result we want and the value can be input in worksheet 1. Much appreciate if you can help on it.
Worksheet 1:
Name          Number
Leo                 25
Jame               55
Leo                 30
Jame               60
Tim                 44
Tomas             77
Lyne                35
Tonny              66
Jame               22
Game              88
Worksheet  2:
Name          Number  2
Leo                60
Jame             150
Tim                66
Tomas            88
Lyne               55
Tonny            99
Game             111
Rusult in Worksheet 1
Name          Number        Total Number per name in Worksheet 1         Number 2 in Worksheet 2
Leo                 25                          55                                                        60
Jame               55                         137                                                       150
Leo                 30                           55                                                        60
Jame               60                         137                                                       150
Tim                 44                          44                                                         66
Tomas             77                          77                                                        88
Lyne                35                          35                                                        55
Tonny              66                          66                                                        99
Jame               22                         137                                                       150
Game              88                          88                                                        111

The replay answer
I'd probably use a database for this, if there's any quantity of data involved here.  Import from Excel into {SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FileMaker, maybe Core Data}, or pick your preferred key-value store, keep your data in the database, then export or (via ODBC/JDBC) then access live database data from within the spreadsheets.
Alternatively and if you're looking at small quantities of data (say, less than 10,000 entries, or less than a thousand depending on the language), then just use whatever passes for a key-value store in your preferred scripting language {Python, bash, Lua, or maybe php, AppleScript or Java} and use that.  Export Excel to CSV {gag} or XML, then load that into Python and process as needed, then write out CSV {gag} or XML.
AppleScript is a scripting language for GUI applications, and also useful for processing events.  If you're not doing that sort of stuff, then there can be other choices, and other choices can often have extensive frameworks and libraries for common tasks.
Sooner or later, most everybody runs into a wall when using a spreadsheet...  Various folks have encountered those limits and have migrated from spreadsheets to FileMaker databases, and now use a database as the central store for their operations — and that's the other issue that can arise with spreadsheets... Where's the canonical data?

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How to compare data between two worksheet in Excel for applescript

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