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How to deploy .war file.

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Hi All, I am new to SOA and done the Hello World BPM process. Then I deployed the apllication to SAR instead of deploying directly to the server. Then I deployed the SAR file in the EM console and tried to deploy the .war file in Weblogic console whi

Hi All,
I am new to SOA and done the Hello World BPM process. Then I deployed the apllication to SAR instead of deploying directly to the server. Then I deployed the SAR file in the EM console and tried to deploy the .war file in Weblogic console which is containing the ADF applications. But it showed me oracle.adf.library.webapp.ResourceServlet error. So, after that I tried deploying .ear file instead of the .war file. Then it get deployed successfully.But, I am unable to get the task in BPM workspace. Could you guys please suggest.
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The replay answer
Please attach the error log to this thread
Also did you package hibernate libraries within the application?  or added to classpath explicitly for server classloader to load it?
Please check and revert back.

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