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How to do Sales and Marketing analytics, BIapps

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hi I have to work on BI apps(sales & marketing) my source is coming from siebel9 Plz can any one guide me how to do it. Thanx in advanceany inputs ?Read other 3 answers

I have to work on BI apps(sales & marketing)
my source is coming from siebel9
Plz can any one guide me how to do it.
Thanx in advance

The replay answer
any inputs ?

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How to do Sales and Marketing analytics, BIapps

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hi I have to work on BI apps(sales & marketing) my source is coming from siebel9 Plz can any one guide me how to do it. Thanx in advanceany inputs ?Read other 3 answers[More]

Do you have a marketing analytics task force?

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"It takes a village to raise a child." A quote made famous by Hillary Clinton and one that rings true. Communities rally together, they develop task forces, to improve the education and livelihood of children. Task forces, PTAs, and PTOs are all[More]

SAP SD Career for Sales and Marketing Professional in Banking & Insurance Industry

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Dear Experts, I have 8+ years experience in Marketing,Sales and Customer Services in banking and financial service industry. I enquired about SAP courses in authorised SAP centres and they suggested me to go with SAP SD module. I am not sure whether[More]

Marketing analytics

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what needs to be done for CRM Marketing Analytics? I need report such as Campaign Response over Time, Campaign revenue over time, number of leads and etc? Is it purely done by the BI team or do the CRM team configure the settings? Also how can I get[More]

Product guide for Marketing Analytics 7.95

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Hi I would like to download product guide for Marketing Analytics 7.9.5 for Oracle Business intelligence applications. Can someone help me getting the guide. ? raghavWhen you send me a mail, I can send you the guide back (the address is in my profile[More]

Query to find Items in the 'Sales and Marketing' category set.

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Hi, Does any one have the query to view the 'Categories' and 'Items' assigned within those Categories for the 'Sales and Marketing' category set. Or do you know any other way in which I can get the Catalog hierarchy along with the items assigned with[More]

Marketing Analytics in Obiee 11g

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Hi I need a step by step document for marketing analytics in OBIEE Thanks in advance. :) Regards, DineyHi Kobe, No P2 holds the parameter name like PresentationTable.ColumnName, in your form you may go for complete name or just column name[More]

Incoming payment from Sales Order marketing document

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Hi Without doubt, one of the most popular requests our clients make is to have the ability to receive money during the sales order process - in other words, without the need to open up a new marketing document (ie; down-payment or reserve invoice scr[More]

Internet Sales Rep (ISR) Analytics Error

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HI, Can any one point me to the right direction as to where to look for an error I am getting in Internet Sales Rep business package. when i launch the ISR and click on Anlytics, I dont see anything in the screen. first of all, what does the Analytic[More]

Inactivating Countries from being selected in Sales and Marketing Online

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When our users are adding new addresses to Organisations in Sales Online and Marketing Online (and Receivables); they get presented with a 'massive' list of countries to select from in the Country Dropdown including places like 'Aland Islands' and 'O[More]

Marketing Analytics dashboard reports showing page not found

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Hi All, We are using Apps,when I click Glossary dashboard navigation reports links showing page can't found. Error Page 404 page not found. This is the navigation path http://HOSTNAME:7001/analytics/Res/l_en/marketing/MarketingGlossary.html#S[More]

I can import photos from cameras and iphone no problem but whenever i try to import from a memory stick using 'File - import to library' iphoto crashes.  I cannot find 3ivx file/folder on my computer which was suggested may cause the problem.  Any id [More]
I need to lock a Row when a users enters some editing JSP until the user finished doing changes, while the other users (using VOs. created on the fly, and SQLJ) **DO NOT** have to get access to that Row. From a bean used in a JSP or in My AppModule H [More]
I have made a two-sided brochure in Indesign.  My boss wants to print the PDF file of it from Adobe Elements?  He has a duplex laser printer. ThanksWhy doesn't your boss just open the PDF in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader and print from there? KenRead oth [More]
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Dear Guru, Are there any function module that we can use to upload/read UNICODE text file? Please advice. Regards, AriCALL FUNCTION 'GUI_UPLOAD'   EXPORTING     filename                = filenam     filetype                = 'ASC'     has_field_separ [More]
I've just recently started using a 27" IMac '11 for music recording and production and whenever I connect my interface, it doesn't sync properly (ground hiss in my monitors, latency issues, etc).  I usually would be posting this on a music forum but [More]
I have no idea why this is happening... I am working with XD EX1 footage, its 1080 25p. When i am cutting stuff in the timeline, everything is fine. All until i start colour correcting or anything that then results in a red bar above the clip and the [More]
Is it possible to take the guts out of my PowerBook G4 and install a new OS for Mountain Lion?Before upgrading, be sure to read this information about migration: iOS 5.1.1 does not run on Powerbooks.   Unfo [More]
Hello there, I believed to have found the solution for my issue here in this forum, - finally! - then tried it all out... and failed. Actually, I've spent roughly four hours now on this and I'm about to quit... So now maybe there's somebody out there [More]
I've just updated my Macbook Pro to OS X and now I can't get my Outlook for Mac 2013 (14.3.9) Calendar to sync with my iPhone 5.  It seems iTunes no longer allows for syncing calendars and it all has to happen via iCloud.  Is this correct?  How do I [More]