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How to let users run your Java application

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Hello, I'm writing an application using JBuilder7 and it's wonderful designer: so far it is composed by only 2 class and imports java.awt.* and javax.swing.* (SDK 1.4) Now, I've yet to finish it but I was wondering: "how will users be able to use it?

I'm writing an application using JBuilder7 and it's wonderful designer: so far it is composed by only 2 class and imports java.awt.* and javax.swing.* (SDK 1.4)
Now, I've yet to finish it but I was wondering: "how will users be able to use it?"
I don't want them to install 30+ Mb of SDK so I've looked into the forums and elsewhere and come up with several answers:
1) Let them install JRE: but it's 10+ Mb and they would need to download it separately from my program.
2) Let them use somehow their browser's JVM..(should I turn my application into applet for this? I guess so)
3) Make an .exe: I know there are many programs to make .exe from java but they would make a one-platform-based file.
Also there were many hints about using .jar files to get things easier.
Is there a 4th option in which users have to download only a few mbs to use the application?
And about .jar, how should I use it?
Thank you very much for all your help :)

The replay answer
Simply put - the users must download or be supplied the JRE. This must be installed before they can execute your java application.
As to distributing the application itself - You can jar (Java Archive) your classes into a single file.
You could as has been suggested create an EXE, but these generally are very large and tend to severely restrict the range of java technologies able to be used (EG Serialization, RMI, Reflection, class loading, ...)
Java is not intended for little tools that get installed separately - It is intended for larger applications or small applets in which case the download of the JRE is a minor concern.
Note that applets targeting Java 1.1.7 functionality work fine with most old browsers inbuilt JVMs - Your customers browser may not however have an inbuilt JVM and the user will still need to download the JRE to execute a SWING based applets.

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