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How to make the query in one single query? No Union please....

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Hi, I have sets of around 18 queries which is finding counts in many scenarios. I wanted to have a single query for this. which diplays the result in a single row.Is there a way , I heared analytical functions are good options ,but I am new to Oracle

I have sets of around 18 queries which is finding counts in many scenarios. I wanted to have a single query for this. which diplays the result in a single row.Is there a way , I heared analytical functions are good options ,but I am new to Oracle . Please help me.
select count(*) total_count from emp; --100
select coun(*) MGR_count from emp where job='MGR'-- 10
select count(*) dept_count from emp where deptno in(10 ,20)-- 75
100                                   10             75

The replay answer
select count(*) total_Count
      ,count(decode(job,'MGR',1,null)) mgr_count
      ,count(case when deptno in (10,20) then
            ) dept_count
from emp;

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