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How to prepare Aging report in another system

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Hi, I have seen aging report for customer in SAP B1, its okay but not serve my purpose. i want this report little difference. i sent a link file for aging report like this way. [Aging Report |] if it is possible t

I have seen aging report for customer in SAP B1, its okay but not serve my purpose. i want this report little difference.
i sent a link file for aging report like this way.
[Aging Report |]
if it is possible to make this report please help me about this.
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Hi Mizan,
Try this as a command in Crystal Report:
SELECT T0.CardName,T0.DocNum,T0.DocDueDate, DateDiff(DD,T0.DocDueDate,getDate()) as Overdue, T0.DocTotal-T0.PaidToDate as 'Due Amount'
where T0.DocStatus='O' AND DateDiff(DD,T0.DocDueDate,getDate())>0
SELECT T0.CardName,Null,NULL, NULL, SUM(T0.DocTotal-T0.PaidToDate) as 'Due Amount'
where T0.DocStatus='O' AND DateDiff(DD,T0.DocDueDate,getDate())>0
GROUP BY  T0.CardName
Order By T0.CardName,T0.DocDueDate DESC
Rank can be by CR function.

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