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How to stop and (rewind) videos.

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Hi. I am trying to create my first 100% to be the page of a Multi-Artistic Performance i have with some friends. All the content of the site is being displayed inside a Movie Clip (called "pageContainer_mc"). I have then 6 diferent pages, each w

I am trying to create my first 100% to be the page of a Multi-Artistic Performance i have with some friends.
All the content of the site is being displayed inside a Movie Clip (called "pageContainer_mc").
I have then 6 diferent pages, each with different content that load inside the "pageContainer_mc" acording to the use of the menu buttons.
the navigation worked fine.
But now i ran into a problem that i cannot find how to solve.
Inside 4 of the 6 pages i would like to put a video.
I have put it there with the FLVPlayback and then created Play, Stop and Pause Buttons.
The problem is, that when i click to go to another page the video continues playing back and then, when i come back to the previous page it is still going...
What i would like is, for instance, when i am at Page2 and click to go to Page3, then the Video on Page2 will stop.  Once i click back to Page2 i would like that the video is again ready to start from the Begining (and not the place where it stoped previously).
The code animating the menu and loading the diferent contents is on Scene 1. The code animating the buttons for the videos is on each page.
Any ideas on how to achieve this?
you can take a look at the .FLA file here:
Thank you for your time and help.

The replay answer
well, if there is someone out there with the same kind of problem, this seems to have done the trick
FLVPlayback.addEventListener (Event.REMOVED_FROM_STAGE, killVideo);
function killVideo(e:Event){

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