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How to use Translate This! 1.8

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I installed Translate This! 1.8, but no icon has appeared in my add-ons toolbar and there is no entry in the Tools menu after restarting Firefox. If I select text and right click, the menu does not list translate either. Under View>Toolbars>Customiz

I installed Translate This! 1.8, but no icon has appeared in my add-ons toolbar and there is no entry in the Tools menu after restarting Firefox. If I select text and right click, the menu does not list translate either. Under View>Toolbars>Customize, there is no icon shown for the add-on. So how do I use this add-on? Where is it? I am using Firefox 10.

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Hilite a word, sentence or paragraph(s), then right-click and select "Translate Selection" in the context menu.

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