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HTTP Post Requests

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Can someone explain how to do this? I've checked the main Java site and it's got an example, but it uses MIDP code and I've got Java 5.0. Regards JohnnyThanks for that. But HttpURLConnection has a protected constructor and I can't instantiate. What's

Can someone explain how to do this? I've checked the main Java site and it's got an example, but it uses MIDP code and I've got Java 5.0.

The replay answer
Thanks for that. But HttpURLConnection has a
protected constructor and I can't instantiate. What's
the correct way of using this?
I've been able to do this by directly connecting to
the server on port 80, but that's is obviously not
the best way to do this, is it?
Can you give me some example code for this. I've been
tearing my hair out trying to find a better way that
using the Socket class.
JohnnyCreate a class extending HttpURLConnection. That class is abstract anyway.

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