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I cant get my appleid to work

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apple ID want workWithout knowing what happens when you try to use the ID, all I can suggest is: How do I change or recover a forgotten Apple ID Password? If you've forgotten your Apple ID Password or want to change it, go to My Apple ID and follow t

apple ID want work

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Without knowing what happens when you try to use the ID, all I can suggest is:
How do I change or recover a forgotten Apple ID Password?
If you've forgotten your Apple ID Password or want to change it, go to My Apple ID and follow the instructions. SeeChanging your Apple ID password if you'd like more information.

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Question re: iCloud with different family members using same AppleID

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Ok, here's the scenario... Everyone in the family is using the same AppleID for iTunes. Is there a way to set up iCloud so, for instance, my son sends a document or song to iCloud from his iPhone it only gets pushed down to his Macbook and doesn't go[More]

How do I handle multiple users - iPad, 2 iPhones, itunes, 1 appleID?

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I need to get this right the first time and MUCH appreciate all tested help advice. I have exhaused the support site. About everything is directed at a single user, rather than "family". Existing Configuration: 1 Apple ID 1 iPad 3G/WiFi used by[More]

HT4557 whats the best itunes/appleID setup for family of 3 with 3 ipads, 3 iphones, one PC with all music on.  if we use 3 separate ones how do we share purchased and home content?

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been with apple for years.  one itunes/appleID in use for family - all purchases and downloads on the one account.. now got 3 ipads, 3 iphones and when we update the software, we seem to get text/facetime issues due to multiple email addresses and ph[More]

How can I use 2 Apple IDs in Itunes? I have 2 IOS Devices. They each have there own AppleID. What is the proper way to sync both of them to Itunes?

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How can I use 2 Apple IDs in Itunes? I have 2 IOS Devices. They each have there own AppleID. What is the proper way to sync both of them to Itunes? I wanted my teenager's AppleID to be different from mine so that she couldn't charge stuff to my Apple[More]

How can I close an AppleID/iCloud account that is no longer used?

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I have 2 MobileMe addresses that were moved to iCloud. As we all know, AppleID's cannot be merged. All of my purchases are under my main AppleID/ iCloud account. I just want to close the 2 I am not using. Has anyone ever successfully done this?You ca[More]

I forgot my icloud email password. I use a different email account for my AppleID.  How can i reset my Icloud email password?

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I need to reset my password for my iCloud email. I forgot the password because I made it about a year ago and forgot to write it down. I used my iCloud email which it *****n****[email protected] for many of my social media accounts. I have recently f[More]

HT4914 My wife and I share iTunes on our PC but have separate AppleIDs. Can we share Match music on our devices with separate AppleIDs?

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In Match, it seems to associate with a single AppleID. The wife and I share all our music on iTunes on the PC - it's all in a single library. How can we keep that sharing in Match if we have separate AppleIDs?SHARING iTunes MUSIC[More]

Problem with AppleID/Authorizing music/prompting me for an old ID no longer in use

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I have a 2009 Macbook Pro with a 3.06ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 8gb of 1067 Mhz Ram, 320gb 7200 rpm HD running 10.8.2, and an iPhone 4S running 5.1.1. My issues began last year when I upgraded to the 4S. This was the beginning of iCloud, and the beginning[More]

Can you purchase from the app store with someone else's appleid?

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My grandson has his own iPhone.  He uses it to play APPS.  He has his own AppleID. His father downloaded a new game using his own AppleID onto his son's iPhone. My grandson's iPhone now seems to be confused as to what AppleID it belongs to? When an A[More]

How do I use the credit on my AppleID to buy a book.

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I have a credit on my AppleID.  I click on 'buy book' in iPhoto and a window comes up asking about addding 1-click purchasing to my account.  Yet, the 'account info' button is greyed out.  The only button I can choose is 'create account'.  Any help w[More]

HT1918 How do I use my existing AppleID with out a credit card to access ITunes!

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This is madness! I created my AppleID as informed to, the way without any card details. I tried to use it to sign into ITunes and have to review my account, now it wants credit card details and I havnt got one! I have looked around these forums for a[More]

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