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I configure the JServ , but Oracle HTTP Server doesn't work agian

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my Oracle HTTP Server doesn't work after i've configured the JServ by Oracle Enterprise Manager. when i run flowing command : D:\oraias\dcm\bin>dcmctl getstate -v and Error message : "ADMN-100999 Base Exception: java.lang.ClassCastException:java.l

my Oracle HTTP Server doesn't work after i've configured the JServ by Oracle Enterprise Manager.
when i run flowing command :
D:\oraias\dcm\bin>dcmctl getstate -v
and Error message : "ADMN-100999 Base Exception:
java.lang.ClassCastException:java.lang.Boolean" has shown.
and i navigate Enterprise Manager web site these Error Message showing:
"Your browser or operating system is not a supported client configuration for this version of Enterprise Manager. Using Enterprise Manager with your current client configuration may result in incorrect display of data or incorrect updates to configuration settings. See the release notes for information on supported client configurations. Root Cause: java.lang.Boolean. java.lang.Boolean"
how can i do? please help me.

The replay answer
The key message -
mod_plsql: /pls/htmldb/htmldb_login HTTP-503 ORA-12541
Looking up that error gives -
[[email protected] ~]$ oerr ora 12541
12541, 00000, "TNS:no listener"
// *Cause: The connection request could not be completed because the listener
// is not running.
// *Action: Ensure that the supplied destination address matches one of
// the addresses used by the listener - compare the TNSNAMES.ORA entry with
// the appropriate LISTENER.ORA file (or TNSNAV.ORA if the connection is to
// go by way of an Interchange). Start the listener on the remote machine.So it looks like the listener isn't running for your database to me (i.e. "lsnrctl start")

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