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i bought a book call "Java in easy steps" and i'm have a real difficulty time trying to compile my first program "Hello world". the book says i can run the comiler by "simply type javac in the command prompt for the java compiler

i bought a book call "Java in easy steps" and i'm have a real difficulty time trying to compile my first program "Hello world". the book says i can run the comiler by "simply type javac in the command prompt for the java compiler options. when i do that i get this message ' javac' is not reconized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. i'm pertty sure i installed java correctly, i dont know what the problem is. anyone have any advice. thanks
oh P.S, i installed Java2 SDK SE 1.4.2_10

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Since you are posting to the Java Studio Enteprise forum, I certainly suggest that you try to develop your HelloWorld in our IDE. Believe me, it's much more easy this way :)
Check out the product's website -
There are a lot of tutorials (though most of them cover more advanced topics) -
You may as well want to look at the tutorial for NetBeans 4.1 (it serves as a base for JSE) -
However if you decide to stick to the CLI method.. The problem is that you do not have JDK's bin directory in your PATH environment variable. To add it temporarily us the following command: set PATH=<jdk-dir>\bin;%PATH%, where <jdk-dir> is the installation directory if JDK.
If you want to add it permanently, right click on My Computer icon on your desktop, choose Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables and modify the Path variable either in the System area or in the user area.

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